Fine Dining Near The Secret Garden In Orlando

Fine Dining Near The Secret Garden In Orlando

For Fine Dining Near The Secret Garden In Orlando check out Cafe Paisano. Cafe Paisano – Your Neighborhood NY Pizzeria Since 2006. Just one mile from The Secret Garden in Longwood, FL. The perfect location for fine dining after your wedding. The menu is extensive and everything is made fresh daily. Large seating capacity and special event parties welcome. Bon Appetit with these Good Eats.

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Beautiful Garden Elopement Locations in Florida

We are one of the most popular Beautiful Garden Elopement Locations in Florida. For over 20 years, we specialize in weddings and family portraiture. and as our couples get married and their families grow, they love coming back to where it all began and documenting the new family through professional portraits.

We are pet friendly, and we have a private outdoor garden area and we even have an indoor studio area in case of inclement weather. 

Contact us today and let’s talk about your ideas. No need to continue doing the cookie cutter portrait formula from the past. 

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Every Photo Package Includes All The Photos

Every Photo Package Includes All The Photos

Every Photography Package Includes All The Photos with high res digital files and with copyrights at The Secret Garden. You get ALL of the images. There are No hidden gimmicks like “you only get to pick 10”. We know how frustrating it must be to be limited to only being able to choose a set number of images especially when there are so many great photos to view so you get all of them. We joke with our clients and say we are thinking about starting a 12 step program called “Over-shooters Anonymous”. A thorough professional photographer is heard many a time saying… “OK, just one more”.

Feel free to browse through our blog photos.

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New Google sitemap

New Google sitemap

We just added a New Google sitemap for The Secret Garden to make it easier for you to find information of interest.

We also made it easier for you to take a 3 minute video tour of The Secret Garden via a YouTube link on our home page so that you can see the garden from your mobile device or computer at a time that is convenient for you. Of course, nothing comes close to or takes the place of actually walking through the garden in person.

We are always only by appointment but scheduling an appointment is as easy as calling us at 407-617-5622 or emailing us at

Orlando garden wedding elopement venue
Easy to navigate and search elopement wedding website

Our search field on our website makes it real easy to find anything with a one word search. Have fun.

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Getting married in Florida is easy! Short notice same day elopements in Florida. Call today.

Are you planning to only be in Florida for a few days and want to get married but don’t know how?

You only need to get a marriage license and it’s good for 60 days. If you are a non-Florida resident, you can get married the same day otherwise if you are a Florida resident, there is a three day wait from the time you get the license to the time you can get married. The license will only cost you approximately $90 and you can get it at any county court office in the state of Florida. With that license you can get married in any other county in Florida. What could be easier?

In fact there are no witnesses required so the only people that are required to be there for the wedding is the wedding couple and the minister. 

Most people choose our Officiant/Photography Marry me now package which includes the ordained minister/officiant and the professional photographer at the secret garden venue. This package is $500 total.

If you are not interested in photos, we also have a $250 package that includes the minister only at the secret garden venue.

In most cases we are able to provide this service with same-day notice since it is a small intimate elopement package in a private outdoor lake view garden. 

Got Questions? Call or email us today at 407-617-5622 or email

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Las Vegas elopement versus Orlando Florida Elopement. When deciding on where to go for your elopement, consider these ideas.

You can always elope to two of the most popular places which would be Las Vegas and Orlando Florida but there are differences.

Let’s start with some similarities. Both locations have beautiful hotels, swimming pools, spectacular restaurants and gambling

One of the major differences is Orlando is centrally located in Florida giving you access to two beautiful beaches whereas Las Vegas does not On the East coast of Florida you have the Atlantic ocean beaches, and on the West Coast of Florida, you have the Gulf of Mexico beaches, they are both beautiful and both very different

In Florida the weather can change quickly, although it maintains a nice average temperature that seldom requires anything more than a sweater in the coldest times of the year. When there is a thunderstorm or afternoon shower, they usually pass within 20 minutes and you’re right back to a beautiful sunny day.

In Central Florida you also have most of the major theme parks all located in a very close proximity to each other.

The new trendy name for small intimate weddings seems to be micro weddings. At The Secret Garden in Orlando, you can have a small 40 minute package that includes the minister/officiant and professional photographer for as little as $500. Some people choose to have a little bit larger micro-wedding elopement with up to 30 people and up to three hours of time, allowing for the client to bring champagne, cake, light hors d’oeuvres, snack foods, and beverages. This package being our most inclusive is only $1500 and also includes the dressing room, the chairs, the music, the silk flowers, and of course the minister and photographer. There are no hidden fees for tables or linens.

The same package for the 90 minutes which does not allow for cake or food or drinks is only $1050 but still includes the photographer and the officiant and the dressing room, music, chairs and the silk flowers.

Back to the original topic, both locations would be a fabulous wedding location as well as honeymoon, but personally I think The Secret Garden in Florida has the possibilities of seeing much more during your stay outside of Orlando on a different day during your stay in the sunshine state.

We look forward to answering any questions by phone at 407-617-5622 or by email at 

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We just updated the banner at the top of our website with 3 NEW SECRET GARDEN WEDDING VENUE VIEWS in panoramic format reflecting the new remodels in the garden. What better day for photos in Florida than with a beautiful blue sky decorated with a few cotton puff clouds.

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A vow renewal ceremony in Florida is a beautiful way to celebrate a marriage. It is a verbal and outward symbol of a commitment made between two people. They are performed most times on the 10th anniversary and sometimes sooner and often later. They are usually accompanied with close friends and family members making it a celebration with loved ones in attendance. There are also times when this type of ceremony only takes place between the married couple with no spectators. In either case, it is a beautiful way to celebrate the love that is ongoing between two people. Having this event take place in Orlando, Florida is a perfect location for that second honeymoon.

We especially love to host these type of events as well as weddings.

Contact us at 407-617-5622 by phone or by email at for more information and date availability.

Thank you.

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Over the years, many people have commented on the 50 foot tall beautiful bamboo behind our ceremony area at The Secret Garden but this week we accommodated another popular request of having a Lake backdrop as an option to the bamboo. We are now happy to announce that the Secret Garden now has a scenic lake view wedding ceremony option.

It is our clients ideas that sometimes become implemented into our design and wedding planning. For this we are grateful and our future clients get to enjoy new added beautification projects that seem to always take place here.

Contact us today if you think The Secret Garden may be an option that appeals to you for your marriage planning. 407-617-5622 by phone or by email. We look forward to talking with you.

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