Covid Effects on Wedding Planning in Orlando

The Covid Effects on Wedding Planning in Orlando have been noticeable however not terrible since we live in one of the best states for weather, destination weddings and some of the best stats for the public health. The biggest impact has been people not being allowed to travel by air and leave their own lockdown restriction locations. We are happy to say that since much of that has been lifted we have been providing engaged couples throughout the pandemic with the finest wedding services especially since our venue is an outside garden. We overlook a beautiful serene lake and we are the perfect location for an intimate or small private wedding or quick elopement. Our packages include the essential services of the minister and photographer. You will receive all of the high res digital images including the copyright within 24 to 48 hours after your event. We even have add-on features such as video of the ceremony as well as a private dressing room to change clothes in. Please contact us for the pricing details on those options. Thank you and we look forward to helping you plan the best stress-free wedding.

Outdoor garden ceremony in Orlando Florida

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Baby Shower Packages

Announcing our new Baby Shower Package starting at $1200.00 for 2 hours. Includes chairs, tables, linens, music and photography. You may add an additional third hour for $300 to accommodate set up and breakdown 30 minutes each to allow you two hours for your guests. Our outdoor garden with wrap around patio deck gives you a wonderful view of the beautiful private lake perfect for small get togethers. We do have a maximum head count of 25 people on this package in keeping with the intimate nature of the event. The photography package includes the digital files covering your event candids as well as any group photos you desire. You may also bring cake, beverages and simple food platters such as fruit and cheese, mini sandwiches and snack type items. You would be required to provide items such as plates, glasses and utensils. Please contact us for any additional information.

New views of the Secret Garden.
New views of the Secret Garden. Click link to go to gallery page.

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UK Residents Return for Outdoor Garden Wedding

Being born in Warrington England with many of my relatives still living there I am happy to see UK Residents return for Outdoor Garden Weddings to The Secret Garden once again. The one year lockdown was over the top and we are seeing people inquiring again for elopement package details. All of our pricing is unbeatable and can be found on the pricing page of our website. We look forward to seeing you all here.

Outdoor garden ceremony in Orlando Florida

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Due to the coronavirus affecting everyone

‪Due to the coronavirus affecting everyone. We just want to let you know that the courthouse locations are still open to get a marriage license. Since we are a private outdoor garden we welcome you to contact us to see about having your ceremony still take place. #OrlandoWedding‬

Contact Gary or Marti today.

Outdoor garden ceremony in Orlando Florida
Outdoor garden ceremony in Orlando Florida

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Shannon and Michael

It was a pleasure to meet our newest clients and their beautiful children. Michael and Shannon were married here at the Secret Garden. They are local from South Florida and enjoyed a theme park weekend while they were here.
The weather was perfect for an outdoor wedding.

Their photos were ready before they even returned home. We always have the bride and grooms memories ready the day after the wedding if not sooner.

Vow renewals are also popular here at the Secret Garden especially for those that live locally in Florida.

We thank this wonderful couple for choosing our location and we always look forward to meeting new friends this way.

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Perfect wedding location for your intimate ceremony

Thinking about the perfect wedding location for your intimate ceremony, look no further.

So here we are February 3, 2020. It’s a beautiful sunny 50° morning at the Secret Garden. The orchids and all of the flowers are in bloom and it’s a beautiful week ahead forecasted.

a beautiful sunny 50° morning at the Secret Garden.

So many people comment on the beautiful bamboo planted a mere eight years ago. It is now close to 50 feet tall and makes a beautiful backdrop for the main ceremony area. This is just one reason why we are the perfect wedding location for your intimate ceremony.

perfect wedding location for your intimate ceremony
The perfect wedding location for your intimate ceremony

Statues adorn the garden throughout as well as the rustic architecture.

A favorite in the garden is definitely the Spanish hanging moss. Flowing gently in the year-round breeze like ornamental garland.

From hibiscus to poinsettias the garden is always beautiful and a perfect backdrop for photos.

We look forward to seeing you soon and answering any questions you may have. Our 2020 pricing and package options are unbeatable.

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Inclement weather back up plan

Being located in Central Florida we are frequently asked if we have an inclement weather back up plan?

The answer to that is absolutely yes. It depends on the size of your event. First let me say that the weather in Florida is unlike a lot of regions around the country. Since we are a peninsula inserted between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic ocean we experience rapidly changing weather patterns. That is not to say that we don’t know what’s coming. It is to say that when rain comes it usually comes and goes quickly.

Our back up plan is a screened in patio. It can easily accommodate 10 to 15 people for the elopement packages. It is also suitable for a larger group to duck out of a passing shower.

We offer something that not many venues will do. That is even if your event is canceled the day before we allow you to reschedule within one year from your original event date without losing any money.

Below you can see a couple of pictures of our screened in patio. It overlooks the garden and still has a very beautiful outdoor ambience.

Inclement weather back up plan
Inclement weather back up plan

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