Welcome to our production suite and creative department. Here we create audio/visual media ranging from graphic art and music to video productions. Whether you are looking for creative photo album designs or commercial sound and video recordings, we are here to listen to your production ideas. We use design software such as Photoshop, Presonus Studio One, Ecamm Live and DaVinci Resolve just to name a few. Give us a call to go over your ideas and lets put your marketing project in motion at Secret Garden Studios. Thank you, Parlor Jones. Contact me directly at ParlorJones@Proton.Me

What exactly is the Parlor Jones Project?

The Parlor Jones Project is a multi faceted entity that encompasses live music entertainment, audio and video production and marketing strategies. 

Let us start with who is Parlor Jones?

Many years ago Parlor Jones delved into music and photography as a hobby. After a few short years, he was making money from playing music and a little later on recording music for local musicians. Around the same time he started a small marketing company in Miami catering to local businesses. The details of that venture involved writing and producing jingles and purchasing radio time for the advertiser. Also included in that venture was newspaper ad layout design and the purchasing of print advertising space with the local newspapers. As a result of performing in local bands for dining and drinking establishments and private parties, he dove deeper into the photography business and actually started photographing and DJing special events such as weddings. Learning recording studio audio engineering and graphic art programs like Photoshop and a few other layout design programs made it all the easier to expand the marketing end of the business into what later became known as social media. With the years of video editing skills required for the wedding business, Parlor‘s refined his skills as a video producer, editing and creating music videos and promotional advertising videos for businesses. Today, the Parlor Jones Project is a resource of many talented musicians performing at and promoting local mom and pop business establishments. In 2000, Parlor Jones moved into a new home base by purchasing and renovating an old house and turned it into a photography studio including one part of the building for audio/video production work. The home sits on a 2/3 acre lot, where it evolved into an outdoor garden wedding venue. Since that time, many couples have said their wedding nuptials at The Secret Garden and many of those have asked where can they could go for dining and or drinks afterwards. Of course, we are happy to say that we have several places nearby that offer fine dining and celebratory drinks. It is those establishments that we usually create these promos for. So all in all as you can see the Parlor Jones Project as stated earlier is truly a multi faceted entity that can benefit just about any business in some degree. We look forward to networking with you and seeing how we can work and reap the benefits together.

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