Intimate garden weddings in Orlando are beautiful & affordable

Intimate garden weddings in Orlando are beautiful & affordable.

Intimate garden weddings in Orlando are beautiful & affordable
Intimate garden weddings in Orlando are beautiful & affordable

As the official an exclusive minister at the Secret Garden, I can confidently say that this venue is one of the best deals around and among my favorite locations.

The photography service and my officiating service are both included in the customized Marry Me Now Elopement Package. This package starts at only $300.

This quaint home wedding location is perfectly shaded by Live Oak trees. Weddings can be scheduled between 10 AM and ending one hour before sunset any day of the year based upon availability.

On average, our customers receive between 60 and 100 Digital photo files with the copyrights in their Secret Garden elopement package.

Abba photography is the business location of this venue and is the exclusive photography company providing this service.

This venue is perfect for someone who is looking for something quick and easy to elope or even a larger event with up to 40 people. We are within 20 minutes of downtown Orlando and we are approximately 45 minutes from Daytona beach and approximately 45 minutes from Kissimmee.

There are beautiful flowers in bloom year-round and the lake is always peaceful, beautiful and calming.

Getting a marriage license in Florida is very easy as you can get the license at any county in Florida and use it in any other county in the state and the license is good for 60 days. Florida residents have to get a license at least three days before the wedding in most cases but non-residents can get married the same day and the license is good for 60 days.

There are lots of great restaurants nearby as well as attractions for people vacationing which is why intimate garden weddings in Orlando are beautiful & affordable.

You can see the ceremony selections offered by Rev. Gary Davids at

We look forward to seeing you on your very special day.

Written by Rev. Gary Davids

Great weddings on a budget. Easy to reserve.

Great weddings on a budget

Great weddings on a budget take place at The Secret Garden year round in Orlando. In fact, we can’t keep up with posting about them unless we were to hire someone to simply just sit at the computer and blog. So from time to time I find a few minutes to show you some new scenes and drop a few congrats on our site.

Great weddings on a budget. Easy to reserve.

It surprises many on the distance that our customers travel from to get married here and the UK is among the most frequent although we get people visiting us from everywhere else. Doing the theme park vacation in Orlando makes it very easy for travelers to go to the courthouse to get a marriage license and then tie the knot with Rev. Gary Davids. The photos are always exclusively and professionally shot as The Secret Garden is also the home of Abba Photography.

Reserving your wedding with us couldn’t be easier. Visit our contact page for excellent service.

We would like to take this moment to thank and congratulate Chelsea and Byron who visited recently from Canada. They arrived at our garden venue single and left as a happily married couple. It’s the magic that we get to witness time and time again here. Maybe it’s the “live oak tress with the hanging moss” but personally I believe it’s the love two people share. 😉

The lake view is always beautiful but since Hurricane Irma arrived last summer the lake level has be a bit higher than normal but I feel it makes it even more beautiful. Very majestic!

Do you have any questions? If so, please ask. By the way, there are lots of great restaurants nearby and one of my personal favorites is Stonewood located within 5 miles.

1210 S International Parkway
Heathrow, FL 32746

You owe it to yourself to eat here as the food and ambiance is always perfect.  Ask for the general manager Rebecca and tell her we sent you. Bon appetite 🙂

Number One garden wedding elope location in Orlando Florida

Number One garden wedding elope location in Orlando Florida

We are honored to be considered the Number One garden wedding elope location in Orlando Florida and it is a result of hard work and passion in creating beautiful weddings. Below you will find some new photos that show the inside and outside of the Secret Garden including a comfortable screened in porch patio to relax in.

Life Began In A Garden
Really big squirrels in our garden 🙂

The garden is lush with beautiful plants and statutes.

The oasis for birds and squirrels.
Faith, Hope and Love is ever present in our garden.
The signature Live Oak limb that everyone loves adorned with Spanish hanging moss.
A flowergirl sitting near the lake.
The bride’s room.
The bride’s room.
Bridal bouquets
Bridal bouquets
Bridal bouquets
The guest restroom.
Decor in The guest restroom.
The main hallway from the garden to the groom’s room, bride’s room and restroom.
Just before you enter the garden.
Patio swing to relax on.
The comfort zone at The Secret Garden in Orlando on the screened in patio.
The comfort zone at The Secret Garden in Orlando on the screened in patio.
Orchids and decor on the patio.
The main gate to The Secret Garden 

Most popular reasons to elope in Orlando

Most popular reasons to elope in Orlando

Most popular reasons to elope in Orlando
Most popular reasons to elope in Orlando

Among all of our clients there is a common thread or reasons why they choose The Secret Garden for their wedding location. The top reason seems to be the value and ease of planning a wedding with us. The other reasons and not in order of importance are:

*The beauty of the surroundings

*The friendly and professional staff

*Fast response time to every communication

*Near all of the central Florida attractions

*Near major hotels and restaurants

*Beautiful high resolution photos with copyrights granted to client taken exclusively by Abba Photography

*Ceremonies performed exclusively by Rev. Gary Davids

*Easy reservation process usually within 5 minutes of date request

*Marriage license filing taken care of by Rev. Gary

And the most popular reason probably being

We were able to get married without the stress of wondering who we should invite without offending certain people or planning a day we have wanted to celebrate for so long to a date so far in the future. This was such an easy decision and our honeymoon was a truly intimate vacation.

We hope you have and easy time making your decision and we are here to help with that process.

Gary and Marti

Cheap places to elope in florida

Among the cheap places to elope in florida is also one of the most beautiful and private locations to get married in Florida.

Here are a few more reasons why you should consider this intimate garden jewel.

In their own words, Thank you Betsey and Jeremy.

“Hi Gary,

We are so delighted that we chose to have our ceremony at your beautiful home on the lake with your wonderful wife. You two are wonderfully easy and fun to spend time with and from our pictures you can tell how much we enjoyed our time together there.

The photos are amazing! We are even more delighted with those and both of us just adore how they turned out. You and your wife were able to capture our genuine happiness of the moment with such clarity. The pictures of our sincere joy have been an inspiration to others. 

Thank you SO very much!”

Cheap places to elope in florida
Cheap places to elope in florida
Cheap places to elope in florida
Cheap places to elope in florida. Get married in Florida today

Florida Courthouse Locations

Florida Courthouse Locations

Florida courthouse locations

Although you need a Florida marriage license to get married in Florida it could not be easier. Unlike some states where you have to get the license in the county that you want to marry in, you can get the license in any of the 67 counties in Florida and have the ceremony performed in any other Florida county. The license is good for 60 days and if neither the bride or groom are Florida residents you can get married the same day otherwise there is a 3 day wait period. There are some exceptions to this rule so feel free to contact any of the courthouse locations at this link to answer any other questions.

Some people ask can I get the license by mail and the answer is YES but there are certain details that must be met.

Our latest UK bride and groom at the Secret Garden

Our latest UK bride and groom at the Secret Garden

‪Congratulations to our most recent bride and groom Dion and Vicki from the UK.

We had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful UK couple not far from my birthplace. Always gives me a feeling of home.

We thank all of our couples for not only finding us on the web but for choosing our location and services. It is an honor to provide these treasured memories on such an important day.

The wedding was officiated by Rev. Gary Davids and photographed by Marti Davids of Abba Photography.

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Our latest UK bride and groom at the Secret Garden

Latest 5 star review of The Secret Garden

Here is our Latest 5 star review of The Secret Garden 🙂

Here is our Latest 5 star review of The Secret Garden :-)

Domini DiMaggio-Preisel
Rating 5 Star
Review posted on
May 7, 2017

I cannot say enough nice things about this place! It was absolutely perfect for my now husband and I. After tossing around and turning down other elopement destination ideas, we decided to see if it was possible to get married in Orlando, during our already planned regular vacation to Universal’s Harry Potter World. I called and spoke to Gary and he was super helpful and made things really easy. And that was a little under a year before we planned on arriving. He answered all my questions whenever I wrote him an email and he was always very quick to respond. Usually within the next couple of hours, if not that same hour he replied back. We are from the Chicago area so I had a bunch of questions. It was only going to be us at first, but of course parents really wanted to come and we made some changes. Again, Gary and his wife were super accommodating. Our big day (April 17, 2017) we all were sooooo impressed with the location! You can’t see anything due to privacy fencing in the front, but it was very quaint and super cute. The actual wedding location in the back is simply stunning!! The pictures on their website do not do this place justice at all! It’s even better in person! Even my dad, who does not pay attention to locations and details was amazed at how perfect this location is. It would be great for a big a wedding or a small wedding like the one we had. They have the perfect house and location for weddings or any party really. Their professionalism comes shinning through in everything they did, but they were as sweet as can be during the whole process from start to finish. They even let us do our ceremony super early in the day so we could get to the Magic Kingdom and start celebrating. Not to mention the price for the Marry Me Now package is unbeatable! If you are considering getting married in the Orlando area I strongly recommend The Secret Garden!

We thank you for taking the time to put this RAVE review into words. Thanks for sharing.

Gary and Marti

The Secret Garden

Weddings and elopements from California to the UK

Weddings and elopements from California to the UK

We host weddings and elopements from California to the UK and cities and states in between.

Brides and grooms find us on Google easily by searching anything elope to garden weddings in Orlando and Florida. We are so pleased to accommodate so many requests from so far away especially the UK, my birth place. Always feels like home when we get to meet on your special day. One of our dear clients actually surprised me with a gift of butter cookies and fudge from England and even tried to find a souvenir from Warrington (Burtonwood Air Force base – where I was born but is no longer there).

Performing weddings at our private home for so many happy couples is something I will always treasure and the beautiful memories will last me a lifetime. Thanks to each and every one of you for choosing The Secret Garden.

Reserving your date could not be simpler. We assist in helping you with obtaining a Florida marriage license and we file the paperwork for you after the ceremony. We only require a $75.00 retainer payable by credit card or Paypal to lock in your date and time on the elopement Marry Me Now packages and it is applied to your total. The balance is not due until you arrive. Your photos are ready to download within 24 to 48 hours after your event and we include the copyrights to make prints anywhere you choose with your professional high res digital files. On average everyone receives between 60 to 100 images and they are all individually enhanced for contrast, color, sharpness etc. What we call print ready.

Everyone also comments on how much more beautiful The Secret Garden is in person and that our website photos don’t do it justice. That is certainly a compliment and feedback we love to hear.